T.S. Pettibone are the authors of The Hatred Day Series. Hatred Day, book one, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Expected publication for Verdict Day, book two, is 2017.

T.S. Pettibone is the pen name of identical twins, Brittany and Nicole Pettibone. They were born in California, grew up in Kansas, and these days, live and write in California. On the rare occasion that they break from writing, they enjoy being outdoors, taking their dog on night walks, reading the classics, drinking too much coffee, traveling the world, making friends out of strangers and learning new things—especially when these things are in any way related to architecture, politics, history, geography, foreign languages and cultures, cars, motorcycles, weapons and martial arts.


We’ve always sought to write about the deepest conflict possible in our stories. The idea of mankind having to coexist with extra-terrestrial beings provided ultimate conflict. It was Brittany who thought of the initial premise for Hatred Day, but the story grew and changed as we did over time—9 years to be exact. Before publication in January 2016, it progressed through several titles and dozens of rewrites. Only two or three original story beats exist in the published novel.

We use Scrivener for outlining and world building. We write our manuscripts on Microsoft Word.

Our brother, Zachary Pettibone, designed our logo and all the silhouette icon artwork for our website.

Firnadi Iqbal designed our website banners, our Hatred Day title page, our Hatred Day book cover and our Verdict Day poster. (We discovered him on 99designs)

Pettibone is our real last name. We chose to write under the initials “T.S.” to honor our parents, Theodore and Sabrina. Without their support, we would never have been able to pursue a writing career.


About Us (Our Story)

The road to completing Hatred Day has been a 9-year journey during which we’ve seen far more failure than success. We’ve spent hundreds of days and nights pouring over drafts, edits, character arcs, structure and world-building. At this point, over 20 drafts of Hatred Day have been written and over 200 rejection letters have been amassed. But we’ve persevered for the simple reason that we believe we have a good story to tell.

Here’s how Hatred Day came to be.

Nicole began writing at age 13. She was introverted in high school, usually shying away from parties and making only a few close friends. Being alone all the time didn’t particularly bother her, for she spent most of her time writing. She wrote several short stories, poems and beginnings of novels, ranging from fantasy to science-fiction to steampunk.

Brittany began writing at age 15. Contrary to Nicole, she was a bit wild in high school, though by the time she reached her sophomore year, she wanted a quieter and more creative life. She wrote her first poem during one of Nicole’s piano lessons, and by the time she’d finished, knew she wanted to be a writer. We had plenty of time to write back then, for we homeschooled our junior and senior years of high school.

The idea for Hatred Day came to Brittany 9 years ago. After writing the first few chapters, she handed them off to Nicole. Immediately, Nicole saw potential in the story and wanted to write the story as a team. Looking back, we believe this was one of the wisest decisions we’ve ever made. The world of Hatred Day has grown so vast that neither of us would’ve been able to write the series on our own.

Today, Hatred Day is unrecognizable from our first finished draft. The story went through several grueling rewrites, and even worse, a giant stack of rejection letters. We’re not touchy about this fact, though. Every one of those rejections was well-deserved. Back then, neither of us knew how to write. We thought good writing came down to a strong premise and pretty prose, which is exactly why everything from our structure to our characters was lacking.

Writing changed for us the day we discovered John Truby. From the moment we stumbled across one of his YouTube videos, we knew he was a master. We had read dozens of writing books in the past, which offered pieces of advice like “hook your reader in the first five pages” but all of them failed to expound any further. John Truby is someone who teaches you how to hook your reader in the first five pages.

To date, we have attended five different John Truby writing seminars, as well as several writing conferences in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Using John Truby’s classical story structure beats, we rewrote our story. But we failed to execute certain beats properly and had to rewrite it again. Then we rewrote it again. And again and again and again. When, two years later, we were finally happy with the manuscript, we queried another round of agents. You can imagine how ecstatic we were when several agents requested our full manuscript. Unfortunately, knowing how monumental our project was, most agents did not seem ready to commit to two unproven authors, so ultimately we had to self-publish. Hopefully this will be temporary. Having a traditional publisher one day would be a dream come true. For now, though, we’re just grateful to be published because, after all these years, Hatred Day is finally ready to be read.

We would like to extend our utmost thanks to all those who have read and will read Hatred Day. We hope you are as excited to keep reading as we are to keep writing because the story has just begun…


Signature (Our Story)