From knitting and crocheting rights, quite a challenge

From knitting and crocheting rights, quite a challenge

Knitting and crocheting, it sounds easy, but it is not the case. Whether you are spreading or going around straight pieces, scarves, bags or hats, it is occasionally higher maths, both knitting and hooking by the way. But the persistent continues and learns from straight to round to knit.

But how?

Learn to knit

If you want to start knitting, the book is ‘ Start knitting ’ recommended. Here you learn to set up the first stitches again and start knitting a scarf and baby socks, after which hats and even more scarves come. But this was all with two knitting pens, so straight knit

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Hooking from right to round

In addition to knitting, hooking is also very nice and then the book is ‘ I learn to crochet ’ a tip. Here too, crocheting starts in an easy way and you immediately start straight to. Critters, flowers, phone cases.

It couldn’t be easier, but this will give you the skill from the crochet stitch.

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Round knitting and amigurumi

If you have mastered the right, you can start the more difficult work; From knitting and crocheting rights. If you go around then you even have a name for this; Amigurumi is a Japanese term for small, crocheted hugs. You make amigurumi by hooking around and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Use YouTube as help

If you can’t use it than YouTube, there are so many examples of knitting and crocheting, but also many tips and facts. Take a good look at how they do it and before you know it you can do it too.

Knit and crochet patterns

In the meantime I have been active, with scarves, hugs, bags and so much more. There are so much nice hook and knit patterns to knit straight and around. But the subject of patterns will probably be supply in Crea-Cross later.

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