Quarreling with the Maxicosi

Quarreling with the Maxicosi

Last Monday I went to visit my parents with the children. My parents are about an hour’s drive away.I packed a bag, put the kids in the car and went on my way. The eldest was chatting away in the back and the youngest was snoring in the maxicosi.

Really, it’s an ideal invention but on Monday I did have a bit of a fight with the maxicosi.

Arguing with the Maxicosi

When the little man was born I bought the Maxicosi Pebble. This one on purpose because it could also go on the plane on vacation. Afterwards we never took it on the plane but the idea was there. We also bought an isofix at the same time. Such’a base station that you leave in the car so you don&#8217t have to fiddle with the seat belts all the time.

It all worked like clockwork and the little man slept wonderfully in it. To be able to put the Maxicosi on the stroller from time to time, we bought adapters to go with it. The cash register kept ringing, you hear.

Anyway, those adapters were ideal because then we could quickly put the maxicosi on the chassis of the car. This all went fine and we had a lot of fun with it.

At the end of August, the youngest member of the family was born. I bought a cool cover with a matching sleeping bag. The Maxicosi came down from the attic and was allowed another round of service.

However, I noticed that an adapter stayed in on one side. I pulled a bit but could not get the thing out. Well, fine, never mind then. However, every time I wanted to put the seat with the adapters on my stroller I was amazed that it wobbled so much. How could that be??

It always stood firm with the little man? The left adapter kept falling out and the right adapter kept getting stuck.

When I visited my parents on Monday I told them about the stuck adapter issue. Technical as we are, my brother and I decided to give the thing a closer inspection. We pulled, pushed, strapped but nothing seemed to help. Ok, then let’s use the big guns.

With a knife and a screwdriver we loosened the carrying bar. Secretly I suspected that this was probably not the best idea in the Netherlands, but ok. After some fiddling it turned out to be no use at all that we had disassembled the thing.

The adapter was still stuck and we really couldn’t reach it. So we mounted it the support rod again and I gave up. ‘Never mind the adapter, it will be fine.’ As a last resort, we called in my father’s critical eye. Says he deadpan; ‘What’s that button for?’ Button?

Which button? No extra buttons on that chair after all? The red of shame on my cheeks was already slowly rising. I tried to bail myself out but it was too late. My dad discovered the button.

One push on that button was enough to make the adapter fall out.

Delicious then. After months of worrying, the solution was super simple! There is just a button on the Maxicosi to release the adapters! What a revelation. Thanks dad!

Moral of this story? Maybe next time I should read the instructions before using something.

Do you always read the instructions? Or have you ever experienced something like this?

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