Review Menara, the skill game for young and old

Review: Menara, the skill game for young and old

Playing a game together, we like to do that here at home. Because we do this a lot, it’s nice to try new games every now and then. We played the game Let Menara like to know what we think of it.

Playing together more and more

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I notice that there are more and more games where we work together against the game instead of against each other. In the game Manera you don’t win or lose alone, but together. On Sundays we like to play board games and in the meantime we have collected a nice collection.

During the Toys of the Year election, we got to know the Menara game and thought it was great that we got it home to play and test it together at home.


Menara is Malaysic for temple tower. And this game is about this game tower. Menara is a board game where one has to work together to build a temple with a certain number of floors with the help of pillars and pieces of playing floor.

How’s the game?

At first I had a hard time reading the instructions of Menara. I noticed that I had to sit down here. But once we were busy, the game actually went without saying. First you put everything down.

Put 6 pillars in the camp and three temple floors on the table. From here you will build. Depending on the number of players, the temple has to be raised, although this is also increased when you can’t build pillars for a round.

Each neighborhood you take a card from the pile, you can choose from blue, yellow and red. Blue being the easiest and red being the hardest. So you have to think carefully about which choice you make every time, but also discuss this with each other. The card you take gives you the assignment you have to carry out.

Dexterity, strategic insight and good cooperation are important in this game.

The game ends when the required level is reached, then you have all won. Or when the tower falls or there are no more pillars, you lose the game. Menara is really a game of skill for young and old.

Enthusiastic about Menara

We are totally enthusiastic about Menara. It is a super fun board game that you can play alone or up to four people. The game doesn’t take very long. I like that myself, because we like to play more games during the weekend. The instructions are very clear, although I had to read very carefully the first time.

Once you’ve read it through, you’ll understand the game. We liked working together, you have to listen to the advice of others, give tips, consult. But also consider together whether you go for a narrow tower (which falls over sooner but costs fewer pillars) or a wider tower.

Menara Menara

We really like Menara and totally understand why it has been nominated for the toy of the year. Just like Atlantis Escape from Smartgames by the way.