Review Kitchen Journal. Create your own recipe book

Review: KitchenJournal. Make your own recipe book

In the cupboard in the kitchen I have a folder with recipes. In addition, this same cupboard contains a battery of cookbooks and I still have all kinds of loose recipes lying around. Not really ordered.

A KitchenJournal would therefore be ideal for this Journal fan and planner.

I don’t like cooking

I don’t hate cooking and I like to bake. During the week I often cook a bit of the standard recipes, taking into account the wishes of the boys. The man cooks at the weekends and he likes to work with recipes and try new things.

He often gets recipes from my recipe folder and from cookbooks.

All recipes together

Now my recipe folder is rather cluttered. There are so many recipes in it, sorted as much as possible and I’ve tried to put them in the right tab. Yet it is often a search before I find the right recipe.

So when A-Journal Stationery asked me if I wanted to try the Kitchen Journal, I was very curious.

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The KitchenJournal

I love journals. For example, I have a Bullet Journal, travel Journal and art journal and a Kitchen Journal also fits perfectly. I have so many journals. Because I can put all my creativity into this. I use my Bullet Journal every day.

My travel journal there I write and paste everything in when we go away for a day, or whatever we go through. The Kitchen Journal is also ideal for expressing my creativity.

The layout of the Kitchen Journal

What is the Kitchen Journal? In a Kitchen-Journal you collect your own favorite recipes. These can be recipes for a quick meal or a wonderful evening with friends at the table.

That delicious dish or that wine that goes so well with that one dish. They are all chapters with lists, lists and more lists.

Because in addition to your own collection of recipes, you can also write down what you have cooked and for whom? What did I cook the last time for Christmas and then we had to make dessert? There is room for cut-out recipes, written texts and notes.

You actually just make your own recipe book with it.

baking and cooking what are you cooking today

Why I’m so excited about the Kitchen Journal

What makes the Kitchen Journal so much fun? I think it’s great that in addition to writing recipes, I can also paste recipes in this Journal. Can fill in lists, paste photos and draw drawings.

It’s your recipe book. You do what you want. It is super convenient and clear. It is therefore a kind of diary.

What you write in when you went out for dinner with friends, or who came to eat with you, what you cooked and which wine went well with it. You can give substance to this Journal as you wish.

keep all your recipes in one place

In addition to the kitchen Journal, you will also find school diaries, a-planners, wedding journals, family planners, my planners and much more on the A-journal site.