Why I am participating in the 100 day VetFit program

Why I participate in the 100 days VetFit program

You may have heard about it on my blog or social media, but I'm in the rag for a while. Due to a knee injury, I cannot play sports for the time being and have to slowly rehabilitate. While sitting on the couch at home, I hear commercials on the radio about a new program on SBS 6. A channel I never really watch on television, but my curiosity is piqued. Because I hear about getting fit, training and recipes, I'm interested.

I decided to take a look at the site and immediately signed up for the VetFit programme. While I may not play sports for a while. So why do I sign up?

And do you join me?


Normally I sport a lot. I was running hard twice a week and doing lots of exercises at home. I wouldn't normally have to participate in this program at all. However, I have been out of sport for six months due to an injury.

And I'm afraid I'll be rehabbing this for another six months. I have a knee injury and even the easiest exercises at the physio give a lot of pain. For now I can only train a little on the exercise bike.

I may do exercises to tighten my leg muscles and bought a fitness ball to learn to find my balance again.

What is VetFit

So while I was doing nothing, I hear a commercial on the radio about fatFit. I immediately took a look at the site. For what will it be and would it be something for me? I quote here the information from the site of SBS 6: ‘Resolutions such as healthier living are sometimes difficult to maintain, but together with others to take this challenge, increases the chances of success. For the new SBS6 program Fat Fit René Froger, Brace, Anne-Marie Jung and OG3NE throw all excuses aside and go – each in their own way – 100 days to work on a fitter and tighter version of themselves.

In this program presented by Irene Moors they also challenge the whole of the Netherlands to join them from February 14.

Participation is free and does not oblige to anything. Everyone who signs up will receive daily exercises and recipes via social media channels and can share their own experiences. Together everything is easier!

So Getting Fat Fit we do together’.

Especially one of those last sentences about recipes, really appeals to me:

Everyone who registers will receive daily exercises and recipes via social media channels and can share their own experiences.

I do not want to gain kilos

As a weight consultant I know exactly how to eat healthy. Also, I just told myself that I can't exercise, so why do I look on the site and decide to sign up for the free VetFit program? Very simple actually.

Eating healthy food for breakfast and dinner, I can do that just fine. But healthy recipes for snacks and especially lunches I find very hard to find. This is purely the reason why I signed up for this program.

Discovering new recipes. I notice that now that I sit still more, I get more interested in healthy eating again. After all, I burn much less energy than normal and although I might gain some, I do not want to gain too many kilos.

After all, that is not good for my knees.

It is now entirely up to me to watch what I eat and hopefully the recipes from this program can help me with that.

And if I can exercise again

And when I get the green light from the physiotherapist that I can start exercising again, I will have to build up slowly. Now I might not be able to do anything with the trainings that will be given in this program, but later I might benefit from them.

You don't have to watch the program

I honestly have to say that I don't know if I am going to watch the program. This starts on March 6 at 20.30 and to be honest, I am not at all interested in how Dutch celebrities get healthier. Above all, I think I will be interested in the healthy recipes. Today it starts and I'll see, maybe it won't benefit me at all,but maybe it will.

If you are also interested in this program, you can follow Vet Fit on Facebook and Instagram! Or check out the site for all the information

Who will join me and also follow the VetFit program online?

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