What made me happy 29

Things that made me happy 29

It is time again for the list of things that made me happy. Every week I share, with the help of some photos, different moments from the week. Mainly things I enjoyed and therefore also became happy. This week I did something quite exciting and we had a date night. Furthermore I made, of course, another bad selfie and we received travel brochures.

Read and watch?

What made me happy #29

Saturday night I let myself and 119 people lock up in the Noordsingel. An empty prison we had to escape from. I was very excited but well done!. In the picture I am standing somewhere in red overalls. After three hours we ran back to freedom.

An experience richer.

Sunday the husband and I went to Amsterdam for the afternoon and evening. We took a boat tour of the Amstel Light Festival. Super cozy.

We also shopped some nice clothes for the little girl at Zara. At home Olivier was very happy with the paper bag.

that made me happy

Some travel brochures came in. In the future we would like to make a nice trip to latin america again so we are already orientating a bit. Anticipation is always fun.

I went to my parents with the kids again and the little man got to sit in grandpa's cool car. He liked that. He especially liked the horn.

Grandma and I almost got our hearing damaged but that did not spoil the fun.

People who follow me on Instagram may have noticed that I regularly take bad selfies with animals. So m’s parents' dog had to go too.

which made me happy 29

Nowadays I always have a few packets of puff pastry in my freezer. If we feel like something sweet you can make so much of it. This week we made sausage rolls from it.

Nice and easy to make.

In between the showers we went for a walk. The little man had enough after 100 meters so he quickly stood on the board of the car. A nice walk with the kids and the dogs’s nice anyway.

I took the dress-up clothes out of the attic again. At Action I got some new stuff so there was a lot of playing around. Mom had to play along and especially had to look nice and ridiculous.

Ah, I like it.

How was your week? What made you happy?

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