From no longer running to a lesson Home Online Yoga

From no longer running to a lesson home online yoga

No more running, those were just about the last words that the physiotherapist said to me. Maybe not important words for many, but a big shock for me. After five months of intensive rehabilitation, my last time had arrived at the physio. After a good week in Paris, where I had little pain.

I completely liked it again. Until the last words of the physiotherapist. Because what should I do then.

I have been running all my life. And then suddenly the question was whether I wanted to participate in an online yoga lesson (@home). Look that was just as nice on time.

Knee Problems

Earlier I wrote about the knee problems I had. This started last summer and I kept walking around for far too long. Despite the pain, I continued to run fanatically, climb and boot camps.

Until it really didn't come along and I ended up with a physiotherapist early this year. She soon concluded that I had an unstable kneecap.

House to build a fitness space

It would be a rehabilitation of more than half a year, so I built my house to go to fitness space and rehabilitated it. The ultimate test was our week in Paris. I was wearing a knee brace all day and had few complaints.

After this week this was immediately the last time I had to be with the physiotherapist.

Further rehabilitation and no longer running

Rehabilitation is not over with this. I have to keep doing the exercises, keep cycling and especially putting on the brace, I go for a long walk, climb or go into the mountains from the summer. I really like the fact that I can climb again after five months. I will have to avoid everything that comes too much pressure on my knee.

So running and boot camps are a thing of the past. Since I have been doing athletics since I was seventh, it is no longer being able to run a loss anymore.

Last week I climbed again after a long time, with knee brace, though

Online Yoga

Anyway, I have to continue. No longer as a runner, but what.And then I came across a question on Facebook from Esther of 100 percent yoga.COM, whether people wanted to follow an online yoga session. Last year I already took Pilates lessons online and I really liked this, so I was actually enthusiastic to try yoga.

100 percent yoga

Well online lessons are of course ideal. I can do this in my own time, just at home in the living room. A lot of yoga videos to be found online. The only thing missing is the interaction with the yoga instructor.

This is possible with 100 percent yoga. How nice it is to take a live lesson from home where you have contact with the teacher directly via chat?

The online lessons of 100 percent yoga are called @Home and are live every Wednesday of 20.00-21.00 hours. After the live broadcast, the lesson will remain active for another week so that you can follow the lesson again on another day/time. Every last Wednesday of the month is @Home free, all other Wednesdays costs one lesson € 4.99.

My experience with the Online Yoga @Home Les

I followed Ester's lesson on the Laats Wednesday of the month, this lesson was free. I am used to the explosive running and boot camps. Yoga is of course a lot different and I noticed that. Yet I also saw interfaces, namely the ‘ deflecting head ’.

Just like with running, I could also let my thoughts run free during the Yoga Lesson and I found that very pleasant. Esher immediately explained that you could participate in the lesson at your own pace, after all there are newcomers like me, but also experienced people who participate. I liked the lesson very much, I have no comparison material, but Esther's voice and explanation was clear and understandable. The exercises were not heavy in the sense that I could not keep it up, although I thought it was an hour long.

This was purely because I am not used to it. I certainly intend to participate more often with the @Home lessons.

How does Yoga@Home work

Registering for the digital lessons is necessary and goes through the Yoga classes on the site page. After registration you will automatically receive a confirmation with the link from where the lesson can be followed live. You can open the link on any device that you like: telephone, tablet, laptop and/or television. 100%Yoga offers you flexibility and therefore does not work with subscriptions.

Each lesson costs € 4.99 and can be booked separately so that you only pay when you participate. The link to class remains active for a week so that you can do the lesson as often as you want.

The next free lesson is June 27, are you also curious, then put this date in your agenda and by that time sign up at 100%yoga.

Have you been forced to stop a hobby?