What made me happy 12

What made me happy 12

I feel more and more human again. Giving birth like this really kills me but now that we are a few weeks further on I am back among the living a bit. So last week we were out and about again. My week started with an evening of U2 and ended today with a trip to Blijdorp.

Great week.

What made me happy

1. A night at the Ziggodome made me very happy. Enjoying a U2 concert with a dear friend. Really a great evening.

During my pregnancy I was worried if I would make it but it worked out fine. Super!
2. I baked banana cookies again for lunch. Yummie, tasty and healthy too. The little guy always eats a lot of them too.
3. With the dogs and the kids in the woods. A nice sunshine, happy dogs, happy children so also a happy mother. So nice that we live next to the forest.
that made me happy
4. I finally got my hair done. It was much needed but not for so long. I always get a haircut by a friend and I was also pampered with a mask. Lovely.

Carrying the little girl again.
5. You can make me very happy with a glass of my favorite rosé. Echo Falls, lovely!
6. We had a party at my aunt and uncle's house. There we had a delicious bbq with a very successful dessert. Three flavors of ice cream with sauce and fruit. Too bad I had already eaten my way through the bbq.

I just could not finish the dessert.
that made me happy
7. I made an autumn arrangement for the dining table. The glass vase gets more and more full because the little man adds something after every walk. It started with pine cones but now there are also chestnuts and acorns among them.
8. I received a very cool gift for the little lady. The pants were secretly on my wish list. So cool!

I just have to wait because it is a size 68.
9. We spent an afternoon in Blijdorp. We have a season ticket so we regularly go for a few hours. I just hadn’t been there myself for a long time, so it was all the more fun to watch animals with the four of us again.
10. The sun is coming out more often and that makes me feel better. Long live the Indian summer.

How was your week? What made you happy?

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