Review children’s headphones JVC HA-KD9BT with limited volume win

Review: children’s headphones JVC HA-KD9BT with limited volume +win

Children like to sit on the couch every now and then. Tablet or telephone and children’s headphones on. Young children can sometimes have these too loud and a limited volume on the headphones is nice.

Take a break on the couch

The boys sometimes like to sit on the couch and watch a movie on their tablet or mobile. Then I don’t always have to hear all the sounds and the boys put on children’s headphones. The eldest knows how to handle this, but the youngest often turns the sound too loud. Because the headphones sit well on the ears, I do not always notice this.

If I do notice this, I will speak to him about it, but if he wants to, he will turn it up again. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I read the report about the JVC children’s headphones with limited volume.

The JVC HA-KD9BT children’s headphones

In addition to the headphones being limited in terms of sound, these headphones also work on Bluetooth. So no hassle with cables. In addition, these wireless headphones are easy to operate with the buttons on the right earcup.

The headband can be adjusted in seven steps, so that the headphones always sit comfortably on your child’s head.
The HA-KD9BT gets a personal touch with the included stickers that your son or daughter can stick on the wide headband.
Left and right are easy to identify on these kids headphones, the ear cushions are soft, comfortable and easy to keep clean.
The built-in microphone also makes it possible to use the HA-KD9BT as a headset, to call or for video calls such as Skype or Facetime. This JVC Children’s Headphone is available in two colors.

What do the boys think of these children’s headphones

The boys were allowed to try the JVC HA-KD9BT children’s headphones. They are eleven and nine and fit these headphones well, now the headphones are still on the lowest position, so they will be able to enjoy it for a long time. They like the pillows in front of the ears, because they are so soft and the sound they hear through the headphones is fine.

Connecting with Bluetooth them do themselves and goes super fast. And they find that the headphones are wireless very easy. They are no longer tangled with the thread.

The sound is fine in terms of volume and I have not heard them complain that it would be too soft.

children's headphones JVC HA-KD9BT

Children’s headphones specification

  • bluetooth
  • limited volume
  • 4 sticker sheets
  • 7 steps headphones
  • soft ear cushions
  • easy to operate
  • built-in microphone.

To win

The first giveaway of this year is these super fun and handy JVC headphones. It’s a pink one, so I think it’s mainly a giveaway for moms with young ladies at home! What do you have to do to win these pink children’s headphones:

  • Leave a comment below this article for whom you want to win these headphones.
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • the giveaway runs until January 14, 2019
  • the winner will be notified by email from me.

Congratulations Bertine you won the headphones, you received mail.

children's headphones JVC HA-KD9BT

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