Sleepytime tea from Celestial helps with sleep

Sleepytime tea from Celestial, helps with sleeping

Do you suffer from sleep problems? Then take a good look at what could be a reason for this. Are you still looking at your mobile late at night?? Or do you follow an exciting series?

Change this and end your evening with Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea and a book.

When you go to sleep

It is wise to turn off your cell phone half an hour before bed in the evening. This and ’not drinking coffee or alcohol at night, but also a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea can prevent sleep problems. For those who reward themselves with this tea after a busy day are guaranteed to fall into a relaxed sleep and so no longer have to count sheep.

Difficulty falling asleep

Millions of people in our country have trouble getting to sleep quickly, struggle with sleep apnea, suffer from narcolepsy or go to sleep at night. Research by GfK shows that 28% of Dutch people experience this kind of sleep problem. To good effect, because sleeping well is the key to a healthy and happy life.

It reduces stress, keeps your heart healthy and is even good for your memory.

Not just any sleep tea

But what if you often have trouble falling asleep and really have a sleep problem? With Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepytime tea, you can counteract that from now on. Celestial Seasonings was the first with a sleep-inducing tea line and since 1969 the Original Sleepytime has been the best-selling sleep tea. A tea that relaxes with its blend of peppermint, soothing chamomile, lemongrass and other herbs. Feel free to drink four cups of herbal tea in the evening.

Extra help needed to calm down? The added valerian in Sleepytime Extra makes this tea the perfect nightcap.

Original, extra and decaf

In addition to the Original Sleepytime and Sleepytime Extra, Celestial Seasonings also has the Sleepytime decaf Lemon Jasmin, Sleepytime Peach, Sleepytime Vanilla and Sleepytime decaf Blackberry Pomegranate in its lineup. Something for everyone and all with the iconic Sleepytime bear to get into a deep ‘winter sleep’. The magic of Sleepytime contributes to feeling peaceful.

Sleep like the Sleepytime bear who is afraid of nothing at all.

Delectable tea variants

For more than 40 years, Celestial Seasonings has focused on one goal: bringing to market delectable, high-quality tea variants that are good for consumers as well as the world. Everything is made with love and respect for people and the environment.

Celestial Seasonings is part of the Hain Celestial Group, a company that produces, distributes and sells natural and organic foods worldwide. The magic of Sleepytime contributes to feeling calm.

What’s the difference between Sleepytime and sleepytime Extra?

SleepyTime is a blend of soothing ingredients from around the world, such as Egyptian Chamomile flowers, cool Green Mint from the Pacific Northwest and vibrant Guatemalan lemongrass. Whole generations of tea lovers end their day with Sleepytime.

SleepyTime Extra is a relaxing and delicious herbal tea consisting of the time-honored blend of Chamomile, Mint and other soothing herbs as also found in the beloved Sleepytime tea. Added is Valerian, trusted as a sleep aid since the days of the Greeks and Romans for its mild sedative properties. The result is a tea with the calming effect and fantastic taste of Sleepytime, plus just a little “extra” to rock you gently to sleep.

Drinking herbal tea in the evening

Now of course we have to be honest and conclude that just drinking Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime will not help you get rid of your sleep problems. There is a lot more to this. Still, Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime can certainly help you get a better night’s sleep. Personally, I really like the flavors of this tea so it is a pleasure to be able to drink ’at night.

The taste is fine and mild and the ingredients like lemon grass and mint help more relax.