Super boost day- A fun day for a sick child and family

Super boost day- A fun day for a sick child and family

A year ago already that we, with our family, went to the super boost day of Foundation Pick-up were. Foundation Opkikker provides days where the chronically ill child and the family can forget the disease for a while and can fully enjoy each other.

Foundation Opkikker.

Full of excitement, we drove the morning of the foundation to Zeewolde, where we were expected on the grounds of Center Parcs. After parking the car we walked to the business center, where the red carpet was waiting for us. With loud cheers and applause we were welcomed. Our volunteer who was assigned to us this day was already taking pictures. While we – still completely dazed – walked inside.

These volunteers arranged the whole day for us. She watched the time, knew where we were going and took pictures and videos of the day.

Experiencing adventures

After coffee/fristi and cake, we walked to the edge of the park, where we were met by two pirates. These took us on their ship. First the boys were dressed as real pirates and with a real eye patch we went on deck of the ship.Together with the pirates we had adventures on the water. We had to find a treasure and the boys helped scrub the deck. After finding the treasure they both received a diploma.

This was an adventure in itself. The boys were totally impressed and were very surprised when it turned out that this adventure was not the only thing they were going to experience on this exciting day.

The road assistance

We walked back into the park and were met by the men from the Highway Patrol. Here the boys helped change a flat tire. Opening a car door (for when you have left the key in your car) and lifting a car.

They also got to ride around in a roadside assistance car. Then we walked to the fire department. The boys got a fire suit and helmet on, rescued a stuffed animal from the tree. Put out a fire and went into a shed full of smoke, from which they again managed to rescue a stuffed animal in one piece.

At the end we went for a ride with the fire department. What an adventure this was, packed and ready with all the cuddly toys (and in fire suit) we went to lunch and the afternoon program was waiting for us.

Foundation gives sick children a super booster day

Also baking cakes

The afternoon of the day started on the back of a trike. We got a helmet and drove a bit in the area. The boys thought it was cool, as fast as we were going. Then we did the quietest part of the day.

Decorating cakes. After all the adventure, it was nice to get some rest. It was very nice to do this with the four of us and the days after the event, we still had delicious cake.

The day ended with a dance and laser show and a fantastically organized dinner. In the parking lot we were waved off by all the volunteers. What a super experience this was!

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We had a fantastic day. Because the volunteer arranged everything for us and kept track of time, we also had a carefree, relaxing day. That was so nice! The whole day was very well organised. Nowhere did we have to wait.

It was as if everything was organized especially for us and that is quite nice for once. The volunteers were all super with the kids, making sure they really had a fantastic day. And they could certainly forget their illness for a day.

Full of stories and experiences we went home and days after the day we still get a smile on our lips when we think of this fantastic day.