Preview CATRICE launches Limited Edition “CATRICE loves PETA”

Preview: CATRICE launches the Limited Edition “CATRICE loves PETA”

Do you like to wear makeup and then makeup that has not been tested on animals? Then CATRICE is the right choice. In March, CATRICE will launch the Limited Edition “CATRICE loves PETA”.

Lipstick that is 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Do a double good deed

Not only reward yourself when you’re shopping for cosmetics, but also do a good deed for animal welfare! From mid-March until the end of April, you can buy the Limited Edition “CATRICE loves PETA” exclusively at Kruidvat. CATRICE launches this Limited Edition together with animal rights organization PETA.

There will be ten lipsticks available.

Collaboration between CATRICE and PETA

With this collaboration, CATRICE and PETA want to ensure that cosmetics are not produced at the expense of animals. The Limited Edition lets us look beastly good, without the use of animal products. The lipsticks are 100% vegan and, despite their intense color, they do not contain carmine ( these are pigments obtained from crustaceans). The Charity Edition is of course – like all CATRICE products – not tested on animals! So beauty lovers, an animal-free alternative without giving up the quality and shelf life of your favorite products.

In addition, PETA benefits from ten percent of the net proceeds from the sale of the lipstick. That the two partners are very close and share the same values is also made clear by the fact that CATRICE has been certified by PETA* for many years.


Do you want full and expressive lips that leave an impression? Then the CATRICE Limited Edition Plumping Lip Colour ‘CATRICE loves PETA’ is really for you! This Limited Edition has a gel texture that creates a plumping effect, provides the lips with a fine sheen and feels wonderfully fine to the touch.

The formula also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid for intensive care. There are four colors in total; the nude and rose shades ensure fine shine and full lips. The texture is 100% vegan and free of animal testing. Recommended retail price €4.99

  • C01 Have mercy
  • C02 Stand Up
  • C03 Be Tender


Also from the PETA collaboration is CATRICE’s new Matt Lip Colour Lipsticks. These limited editions have a matte finish in six berry, rosewood, and red shades. Same here too: they are 100% vegan and free of animal testing – for an especially good feeling, and not just on the lips!

The creamy texture gently caresses the delicate skin of the lips and the maximum coverage ensures a reliable and long-lasting color experience. All six lipsticks have a matte finish for a perfect look. Suggested retail price €4.99

  • C01 Spread Empathy
  • C02 Be Mindful
  • C03 Show Ethics
  • C04 Stay Conscious
  • C05 Save Souls
  • C06 Have Compession

From mid-March until the end of April, you can buy the Limited Edition “CATRICE loves PETA” exclusively at Kruidvat.