Staying positive in tough times

Staying positive in difficult times

How to stay a little positive in difficult times? Because that’s what we’re living in right now, tough times. We all thought the whole Corona would take a few months, but it’s been almost a year now.

But how to stay a little positive?

Stay positive in difficult times

How to stay in good spirits in these difficult times? what if you lose your job? Cancelled a party, had to cancel your vacation or haven’t seen your parents for months? How can you stay enthusiastic and positive in these difficult times??

Awkward times

These are difficult times at the moment. Did we joke about it in the beginning, laughed at jokes about the virus, now we don’t laugh anymore, for sure. After almost a year we are fed up with it all and it is already coming to an end?

No floaty texts

And I don’t want to bother you with floaty texts, it’s just that every day feels a bit like the same, but also the uncertainty strikes. We do not plan anything for the holidays, because we assume we will celebrate with the family. We dare not plan a vacation and a day or weekend away could do the trick?

Still, we try to look on the bright side and follow my own points below as much as possible.

How can we stay positive or optimistic?

  1. don’t look at the problems but at the solutions. We can’t do anything about Corona, but we can make sure we stay healthy. Make sure you exercise enough and eat healthy.
  2. Don’t let others influence you too much, if you have a lot of people around you who think very negatively, you might tend to adopt this. Watch out for this.
  3. Be happy with what you have.
  4. Focus on the future, again we will come out of this, we are convinced, what will you do first and what will you take away from this time?
  5. Make your home your place – you’re here so much, make sure you really feel at home.
  6. Set realistic goals and don’t make it too hard on yourself.
  7. Don’t go comparing, the situation is just weird right now and we have to deal with that, let’s try to come out of this the best we can

Groundhog Day

We are currently living in a very strange world and even though we are all done with it by now, we won’t solve it just like that. There really will be days in between when you think you are in the movie Groundhog day, after all every day is the same, there will be days when you are your optimistic self, but also days when you don’t feel like it, keep in mind that the sunny days are coming again and also try to enjoy what you have now even though it may be less than usual.