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Pooping is for Daddy

I regularly whisper something to my little girl. Besides the usual kind words, we also have a little secret together. A little secret that she, as small as she is, is keeping. Daddy is less happy about it because he is always stuck with the mess, but I think it is a top date.

Poop is for Daddy!

Poopy diapers

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate changing diapers. In all these years I have changed thousands of diapers, including a considerable number of poopy ones. My eldest didn't have those very often so there every diaper was a little party. I had no problem changing a dirty diaper with him.

Little man finally got rid of it again so I did it with love.

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Poop on the wallpaper

The youngest on the other hand, she can do something about it. Madam easily fills one diaper after another. She doesn't mind two full diapers a day. Since this lady however, for months now, has refused to stay down during diaper changes this is not my favorite chore. Madam doesn't like lying down anyway, let alone giving her a clean diaper as well.

We have tried the necessary judo holds but that little blonde girl gets so angry that the poop is then everywhere except on the wipes. Not recommended, because poop is very hard to clean off the wallpaper. I was quickly done with that.

Since the little girl could stand up pretty soon, that was the solution, changing diapers standing up.

Poop on my socks

By now she can also walk. And yes, why stand still while your poopy diaper needs to be changed when you can just as well run the poop all over the room? It is extra funny when you sit with your bare bottom on top of mommy’s socks.

If mom then grumbles then you secretly chuckle in your little fist.

Poop is for Daddy

I'm sure you understand why I quickly whispered; poop is for Daddy! At first this message didn't quite sink in with the little girl. But since just under a week she has completely understood the content of our little secret.

Poop is for daddy. The score now stands at something like 12-1 for daddy. That means ten dirty diapers with fine thin poop (because not quite fit), once a bath full of poop and once a shower full of poop.

You understand that I am very proud of my little girl! She just understands little tasks already! I hope she continues this course. 😉

Who is your diaper-changing buddy?

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