What made me happy 17

What made me happy 17

While I am working on this article I am sitting at my laptop with a pale face. The little man and I are ill with the flu. Such a shame because the weather is so nice outside, I would love to go out. Unfortunately, we had to clean up first. Last week was all about nights out and lots of animal love.

I'll let you look again at the things that made me happy.

What made me happy

1. I finally took my horse to the beach again. How well behaved he was and how much we enjoyed it. It makes you feel better.
2. Monday I took the kids to visit my parents in Brabant again. We looked for chestnuts by the ferry. No need to search, they were there for the taking.

We went home with a bag full of stuff.
3. My mother-in-law made a nice wreath from bicycle tires. Daisy liked this basket.
that made me happy
4. With all the gathered chestnuts I made two wreaths on the table. I filled a straw wreath with chestnuts and wrapped some lights around it. I had already wrapped a wreath with moss so I put this one underneath it.

A cozy autumn piece.
5. Lucky us, we went out with the horses again on Wednesday. What a luxury.
6. In the evening I went with a dear friend to Blof in the Horse. What a fine hall it always is. Nice and cozy, good sound and lots of fun. Only downside; they really need to buy other rosé.

That stuff tastes like a really bad liqueur. Too bad.
that made me happy

7. With the kids I went to Ikea for an afternoon. First a nice lunch and then a tour. This is the only store where the little guy stays cosy. Looking around and playing in the children's department. We bought a very cool balance beam.

Gym in the living room, ideal with rainy weather.
8. ’In the evening I went with three lovely girls to the Chippendales. A hilarious and fun evening. 9. Friday night the little guy suddenly got sick. The next morning I joined in.

We both have a stomach flu. After I got up from the couch this warm spot was immediately taken by a fat British lady. She was especially not bothered by the fact that I had nowhere to lie now.
10. Yesterday afternoon I ate my first apple and it stayed inside. Nasty talk but it is very nice when your food stays when you have the flu.

Hopefully we get well soon so we can still enjoy the sunny weather. Then next week I can probably fill another blog with the 10 things that made me happy.

What made you happy this week?

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