What made me happy 28

What made me happy 28

What made me happy 28 already. This week was marked by many activities with animals and my new hobby from which I have muscle pain. So I made another charming selfie, this time with an alpaca.

My little girl was fascinated by colorful birds and I built a course for the little guy. Are you curious what made me happy this week? Read on.

What made me happy #28

After rain comes sunshine and so we quickly went outside. The little man on the scooter, his Christmas present, and the little lady in the car. Crossing the woods.

I always try to go out as much as possible. Generally it never rains all day so it's nice to get a bit of sun for a while.

We did some cool experiments during children's book week. This past week we pulled out some of those experiments again. Mess around with oil, water, detergent and baking powder.

We made a foaming glass, oil bubbles and passed water from one glass to another using a piece of kitchen paper.

With the little girl I went to see the Lori’s of a friend. She had hatchlings, fresh out of the egg, so we were curious. The little lady was particularly fascinated by the brightly colored birds.

So nice to see.

What made me happy #28

Our british shorthair Daisy is a cuddly cat of the first order. She is also very soft so my little daughter found that an ideal sensory game. Kneading and squeezing that thick coat.

Daisy and the little one enjoyed it so mom did too.

Yes, I have a new hobby! I scored a hoop and am now fanatically shaking my hips in the living room every day. Much to the children's amusement. They both find it very funny to see me turning around like this. But I can do it!

And it gives me a lot of muscle pain so it is definitely good for something.

I built a track for the little man's balance bike. A pallet became a ramp, a sheet of mdf became a seesaw and miraculously the little man stayed upright. At least we had a lot of fun with it.

What made me happy #28

I went to Plaswijckpark with the kids. Where the little man surprised me and I of course took the wrong selfie with an animal again. This time with an alpaca.

This one was incredibly soft by the way.

We played with clay. I scored this set at Action and the little man loved it. A nice clay haircut.

As I type this I am preparing for a Prison Escape in Rotterdam. I'm already wetting my pants so next week I'll let you know if I escaped. Or not..

How was your week? What made you happy?

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