Collage on Canvas

Collage on Canvas

Do you also take so much photos ’ s? I really die in the photo ’ s. I've always made a lot of animals, since I have children it is not to be done at all.

My iPhone explodes, my laptop is having a hard time, the cupboards are overflowing with photos on DVD or in books, I can no longer see the wood for the trees. It's a pity, because we hardly ever see all those photos that are tucked away. Time to change that with a beautiful collage on canvas.

Photos, photos, photos

From I was allowed to pick out a nice photo on canvas. Well, I didn't let myself be told twice. With a photographer as a bestie, I'm lucky to have had some really cool photo shoots.

She has taken beautiful pictures of my horse, my cats, my pregnant belly and of course the children. I had those photos as background on the computer and on my iPhone, but not actually hanging in my house yet. Super sin actually so I dived into my archives. Very nice to browse through the photos. Looking for that one picture I wanted on my wall.

I quickly decided that of course I just wanted my two (b) angels on canvas. My bestie took really cool pictures of the kids when my youngest was just born, so the choice was made pretty quickly.

Web print.NL

I surfed to and had a look around. I came for a photo on canvas but secretly I saw many more great ideas. For example, you can have a photo printed on a stool on the website, design Christmas baubles and Christmas stockings, design various wall decorations and even make a personalized family planner. I say; top ideas for the festive season.

Nice for Sinterklaas or even for under the tree.

However, I went for a photo on canvas and there too the choice was huge. I decided to have a collage made on canvas. I selected four photos and uploaded them to the website. The design process is very simple. You choose your photos and add them.

You can then slightly adjust the photos to the canvas. Then you choose the size of your canvas and the thickness of the frame. I chose a 4cm frame to give the canvas a bit more body. I like that.

What I find very useful is that during the design process you can see how big your canvas is on the basis of an image above a sofa. This way you have a better frame of reference and you don't have to hang an inch above your couch to see what size you want the canvas. Smart!

After designing and ordering, I received the canvas within 4 working days. Nice and fast. If Piet now crawls behind the computer, he can even give him a gift on Christmas Eve. I am very happy with my children's collage on canvas.

The quality is very good, you don't see any pixels, and the canvas is very sturdy. The children are now finally beautifully immortalized on canvas.

collage on canvas

Do you also want such a cool collage on the wall? Or maybe make a great photoadeau for the festive month? Then go to the Webprint website.NL.

Do you already have a nice picture of your child(ren) hanging on the wall?

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