Warmth and atmosphere at home 5 advantages of a pellet stove

Warmth and atmosphere at home: 5 advantages of a pellet stove

Maybe you know them we, pellet stoves. They have been on the market for a while and are becoming more and more popular. Not surprising, since pellets are more environmentally friendly and a lot cheaper than traditional fuels. Do you also have a pellet stove, or would like to buy one?

All the advantages today!

An extra heater in the house for atmosphere

In the house where I grew up there is a fireplace and at home we also have a fireplace that we light regularly. It’s not even the heat, but mainly the atmosphere it gives in the house. If you don’t have a fireplace, but would like an extra stove for that extra bit of warmth or atmosphere, then a pellet stove might be just the thing for you.

A pellet stove doesn’t have to take up much space in your home at all, you have them in different sizes and models. One will fit in every home. But what are the advantages?

A pellet stove is environmentally friendly

Little grey energy is released when producing pellets. This is about 2 to 3 percent. Especially when you compare this to gas, fuel oil or electricity, which releases about 10 to 30 percent gray energy, pellets are so much better for the environment.

In addition, residual material from the wood industry is often used to make pellets, so no trees have to be cut down to produce pellets.

It is not expensive

Pellets are not very expensive. Want to buy pellets? Then for a small bag you will spend around €5-€6.

For a whole supply of pellets you’ll easily spend €300, but then you’re good to go for a while!

A pellet stove is energy efficient

A pellet stove has a high efficiency, usually higher than 80 percent. This means that little heat is lost. In addition, a pellet stove is thermostatically controlled, so the stove emits less heat when it is warm enough in a room, and more when it gets colder.

So no more pellets are ever used than necessary.

And gets hot quickly

With a normal stove, you often have to wait a long time for it to warm up. Because a pellet stove is electrically heated, it is always immediately warm. In addition, most pellet stoves have a system that causes the stove to refill pellets itself.

This creates a fixed heating pattern.

A pellet stove burns optimally

Pellets burn almost completely, namely 99 percent. That means only 1 percent of ash remains. With firewood, for example, you are left with much more ash.

They also emit much cleaner air than other fuels.

Warmth and atmosphere

Choose a pellet stove that suits you and provide that extra warmth and ambiance in your home. And although we obviously don’t use the stove during the summer months, we now make sure that the wood supply is replenished so that we can fire it again in the fall and winter. Because a stove (fireplace, fire basket or pellet stove) provides that extra atmosphere in your home or garden. By the way, there are brown or white wood pellets for sale.

Brown wood pellets are the most popular, they are cheaper and release more energy. However, the white grain burns cleaner. Now I know that there are also negative sides to a pellet stove, but today’s article is about the advantages so read up before you make a choice.

photo free image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay/ collaboration