Which necklace to wear with a boat neck shirt

What necklace to wear with a boat neck shirt

Wearing a shirt with boat neck it’s often difficult to find a necklace to go with it. Wear a long necklace or a short one. I went looking for the right necklaces for a shirt, sweater or dress with a boat neckline.

A shirt with a boat neck

A boat neck shirt, sweater or dress is the Bohemian style you often see here on my blog. After all, it goes beautifully with a jaunty skirt or flattered jeans. But what can you wear jewelry with it??

A nice necklace

Wearing a boat neck shirt shows off your neckline. Maybe you don’t feel the need to wear a necklace at all. And in terms of jewelry, stick with a set of cheerful bracelets.

Still, a nice necklace looks great with a boat neck, but how to wear it?

A short necklace

If you have a short necklace that you’d like to wear with a boat neck shirt, you can do this very well. Make sure the necklace falls on your shirt and not just half-and-half. This way your necklace will stand out.

Especially when you wear a necklace with a beautiful pendant.

family treeHeart Family tree, pandora

A choker necklace

Very nice with a boat neck can be a choker necklace. A choker necklace is a necklace that sits a little tighter around your neck than a normal necklace. By having an eye-catching pendant on this, it stands out well with your shirt or dress.

If you have long hair, put it up in a loose ponytail or bun.


More jewelry

Bohemian style is a mix and match of jewelry. Besides a nice necklace, bracelets and earrings are of course also a bit of a prerequisite to wear. How about a bracelet with dreamcatcher or cheerful pendants from CO88 collection?.

boho bracelet bohemian style jewelry

Choose what suits you

Whatever you wear with your boat neck shirt, choose what suits you. If you have a nice shirt, you can wear an eye-catching necklace with it. But maybe you prefer subtle?

You can also.