What made me happy 36

What made me happy 36

Did you also have the feeling last week that spring was coming? I did. Apart from some showers, we had such lovely weather here at the coast.

We spent a lot of time outside and enjoyed the weather, the animals, each other and a quiet week.

Read about the things that made me happy? With, to my great shock, not even a wrong selfie! Oops..

What made me happy 36

Last Sunday I went with a friend to Symphonica in Rosso. We almost missed it because it turned out to be a matinee show while we thought it was at 20:00.00 o'clock would start. Luckily we found out just in time and enjoyed a great afternoon.

What made me happy? These very cute mini daffodils in the forest. How nice they are?

Just in the wild.

I watched the new episodes of Fullhouse on Netflix. So cute, real childhood memories. And yes, Jesse is still cute haha.

that made me happy 36

The photo of the week. My loves holding hands. How sweet is that?

The little lady is now 6 months but he is still very proud and in love with his sister.

I am very proud and happy with the new logo of Bblogt.en. Lotte from Popsjes en co designed it and I am very happy with it. Everything I love and what my blog stands for is in my logo.

The header above my blog also got a refresh. That made me very happy this week.

Did you read last Friday what my ultimate dream is? Together with the children I spent another afternoon on the farm. That little doll enjoyed all the animals so much that she spontaneously started babbling to the pony’s.


that made me happy 36

Once in a while we have two asylum seekers in the garden. A pair of ducks then perches in the pond and floats around a bit. They rest a bit on the island, check out the other pond and swim laps.

I think it is cute. On Saturday the little man went to feed them as well. As a result, they then tried to fly through my window, hoping to get more of those goodies.

I made a nice lunch with lots of little snacks. Wraps with salami, wraps with salmon, small sausages and trays of fruit. A nice meal with the family.

I love it.

The weather forecast for today is bad so yesterday we have been outside a lot. How happy the sun can make a man.

Do you ever think about the things that make you happy? Even if it's just little moments?

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