Sassefras- Super fun girl toys for any occasion

Sassefras- Super fun girls toys for every occasion

Sassefras is an online store where you will find only girls' toys. So if you're looking for a gift for your daughter, niece or godson. Check out the large collection on the website.

Because there is more than enough choice.

Sassefras Girls toys

At Sassefras girls' toys they cater to toddler and preschool girls from 2 years old to 6 years old. A special period in a child's life. Developments are so fast in this age group. Just think of all they have learned in the period from 2 to 4 years old.

How independent they have become despite being so small. How about potty training. And when they turn 4, it's the start of elementary school and they learn even more and have all kinds of adventures. What they especially like at Sasseras are the many differences between girls and that not every girl is the same.

All these differences make every girl special and fun.

Toys and development

There are lots of toys for girls on the Sassefras site, toys that help them develop and learn further. So many more toys than just the standard toys like dolls and Barbies. Not every girl likes to play with dolls.

Some girls have very different interests like cars or being creative.

So many choices.

In the web store of Sassefras there is so much to find, that for every girl there is something you can surprise her with. How about a doll's house castle, but also play sand and string beads, dress up clothes or wooden toys?. On the website you can select by age as well as by product.

So you always arrive with the right gift!

The face behind Sassefras

Sassefras Girls' Toys is an initiative of Saskia. Saskia is mother of two children, a girl born in 2008 and a boy born in 2012. She trained as a Social Pedagogical Worker (towards children), but due to circumstances she has worked in various other sectors. As a little girl, she already knew she wanted to be a mom later on. That and nurse in the maternity ward.

When she became a mother she started combining her work with the children She then started her own web store. Why toys? Sask ia likes to play with her children and discover the world together.

To have quaility time with your kids, there is no better way than to play