Vote along elections General Fund cards Monopoly

Vote along: elections General Fund cards, Monopoly

Maybe you saw it on the news this morning; Monopoly launches new Community Chest cards. And the nice thing is, everyone can vote. Voting is Possible from World Monopoly Day (March 19) Until April 9, 2021.

Elections General Fund Cards

We All Recognize Them, The Community Chest Cards From The Monopoly Game. ‘ You have won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest and Receive M10.’ For Example, here is one of them. But are beauty contests still of this time? Hasbro Thinks Not And Gives All General Fund Cards A Refresh After 85 years.

Official Monopoly Election

Precisely because the general funds are out of date, the toy and entertainment company is launching the first official ‘ monopoly elections &#8217 especally for them;. Everyone Can Vote for Their Favorite New Community Chest Cards Between March 19 and April 9, 2021.

New Topics for the Cards

Why New Cards? Topics Like Beauty Pageants, Doctor’s Bills and Annuities Are Really Out Of Date After All. And not at all when looking at the turbulent year 2020. Actually, it is about time the sixteen cards in the game, better reflect modern society.

Hasbro asks Monopoly fans to think about what really matters in their lives. They can then match the updated board game by voting for new cards like “You help your neighbor with her groceries,” “You organize a neighborhood party,” and “You volunteer to be a homework helper.

A special red envelope for the residents of Monopoly Street

For the residents of the well-known Monopoly streets in the Netherlands, such as Barteljorisstraat in Haarlem, Kalverstraat in Amsterdam and A-Kerkhof in Groningen, there is something extra’s. They received a special red envelope from Monopoly. Inside they found an official Monopoly voting card, a campaign poster and a personal appeal from Monopoly to cast their vote in the Monopoly elections. In the call the residents are asked to choose: vote or pay for repair costs to their Monopoly street.

But, personal invitation or not, everyone in the Netherlands has the chance to participate in the Monopoly elections.

Price and Availability

The new Monopoly board game, with the modern Community Chest cards, will be available from autumn 2021 for a recommended retail price of €29.99 euros.