Sensiderm Cream – silky cream for late summer

Sensiderm Cream- a silky cream for late summer

The rest and relaxation of a summer vacation does everyone good; extra tanning hours in the sun, cooling off in the pool and visiting one restaurant after another. Summer’s been over for a while now, but people are still going on vacation in the sun. Or how about winter sports where you can also be treated to sunshine.

To take care of your skin in late summer Sensiderm Cream from G.M. Collins along in your suitcase!

Aging skin

Did you know that the sun is responsible for 80% of skin aging?? Exposing our skin to the sun also causes permanent changes in its structure. Just putting on SPF daily is not enough.

It’s essential to take good care of your skin and that’s where Sensiderm Cream from G.M.Collin can help. Especially if you might be enjoying the sun in the near future. Maybe you will enjoy a sunny island, don’t forget that the sun can still be strong for your skin. And dar your skin has a lot to endure in the meantime. That’s why G.M.

Collin first aid with the Sensiderm Cream and the Puractive+ Cream to give your precious skin the ideal aftercare.

Away to the sun

The autumn vacations have just come and people without school-aged children would like to enjoy the sun for a while now. Logical because after this period the cold period really begins and people start getting ready for winetrsport again. Sensiderm Cream is a must-have cream in your toiletry bag.

Because if you have been in the sun a little too long and suffer from burning sensations and/or visible redness? Then the Sensiderm Cream offers the right formula to reduce it. But also if you have been hiking, skiing’s during winter sports or after a long walk in the sun, this cream is perfect for your home.

Sensiderm Cream

Sensiderm Cream is a silky cream that offers maximum comfort for sensitive skin. Sensiderm Cream contains a combination of aquatic plankton extract, ceramide complex and artemia extract. The cream visibly reduces skin redness and burning sensations and provides immediate relief. It protects the skin’s moisture barrier and also protects against environmental factors.

The skin looks renewed and radiant.

After cleansing, apply an amount best suited to your own skin needs.

Do you suffer from redness and burning after sunbathing

With this cream of G.M Collin you regain control of your complexion. Sensitive skin is never pleasant and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The Sensiderm Cream soothes the skin very quickly. . Because let’s face it; we all want baby skin the most.

For maximum results, apply this cream immediately after cleansing your skin. Now let the vacations for your skin begin!